September 18, 2017

Updates: BSHS &FDHS clinics tonight (6:30 -7:30) Open full message for more!!

Hey Fans:

Last week, someone unlawfully entered our field house, possibly through a window, and took our John Deere for a joy ride. However - the joy was not ours as the JD tractor sustained some major damage. This puts a HUGE strain on our field crew and even worse, takes away from the families and players we serve.

How can you help? We need all hands on filed, so to speak, before games on every field on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday of each week until Mid October, or until we get Ole' JD repaired.
Raking, hosing, & chalking prior to games is the greatest need.

All help is appreciated :) #NCaRes #NorthernStrong #TogetherNorthern

With appreciation - Andria Jackson, President